Продается €170,000
€773 Цена за квадратный метр.
Номер ссылки H-115517
Лимассол, Lemithou
Частная дом
4 спальни , 2 В ванных комнатах
покрытый: 220m²
станция: 410m²

Продается Частная дом - Lemithou - €170,000

Two-storey detached residence comprising ground floor (at the main road level) of a lobby area, sitting area, two bedrooms, bathroom with WC and outside veranda, staircase leading to the lower level of a kitchen, sitting area, two bedrooms, shower with WC, three storages and paved yard, of a covered area of 220m2, constructed on a piece of land of an approximate area of 410m2, , The property concerns a two storey detached residence. This residential plot of land having a rather normal shape, a downwards sloping surface towards the west, and abuts at the south on the main road, and also at the east and west on other narrow village pedestrian roads. The property under study is quite old, but at later stages was substantially renovated. It is built of walls of stone, bricks, concrete and columns, doors and windows of wood, glass and aluminium, floor of marble ceramic tiles and wood, and an inclined roof. At the back yard of the building there is a covered veranda and paved area with Cyprus stone. The property is served by two split unit air-conditioning unit. The property is at a rather good state of condition and repair. The surrounding area of the property is developed with permanent residences of the locals as well as holiday homes. Most of the buildings in the area are quite old and require renovation. The wider area of the property is a forest with pine trees, and, it is characterised by its green, fresh and pleasant environment.
Гостевая комната
Гостевой туалет
Индивидуальная ванная комната
Место хранения
НДС не применяется
Отдельная кухня
Учебная комната