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Номер ссылки B-119492
Nicosia, Nicosia
покрытый: 2754m²
станция: 2438m²
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Продается Здание - Nicosia - Призыв к цене

This very well-known large commercial building is ideal only for commercial use as it has the highest visibility in the whole city of Nicosia The building consists of the ground floor which is divided into three sections:- Huge retail store that has two entrances, two elevators, an escalator and a staircase. The supermarket consists of three product corridors, refrigerators, a kitchenette and four cash registers. It also has an entrance. The office department consists of three offices, a restroom, two elevators, a product loading and unloading area. - The basement consists of two parts: storage space with cold storage spaces and a single sales area for product display and fitting rooms.  - The first floor consists of open space for product display, fitting rooms, toilets (men and women) and a server room.  - The second floor consists of three sections: the restaurant/cafeteria, staff area and refrigeration area. The restaurant consists of an open-plan dining area, kitchen, storage, cashier, cafeteria and toilets for men and women. The staff area consists of a women’s locker room, men’s locker room, cleaner’s storage room, meeting room, and a kitchen. There is much more to see when visiting the building. Feel free to contact me anytime to arrange a viewing and provide more detailed information.  
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